Beijing key laboratory of power distribution transformer energy saving technology: “small energy saving” converges “big energy”


“The power loss of China’s power transmission and distribution accounts for about 6.6% of the country’s electricity generation, among which the loss of distribution transformers accounts for 40-50%. Based on the national power generation of 5.32 trillion KWH in 2013, the power loss of distribution transformers in China is about 160 billion KWH, which is 1.6 times of the annual power generation of the three gorges power station in 2013 (about 100 billion KWH). The power loss is huge.”


Liu haitao, director of Beijing key laboratory of power distribution transformer energy saving technology (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory), introduced the data, and the “outsiders” were also shocked. Liu haitao’s laboratory focuses on energy conservation and intelligent technology research.


Relying on the construction of China electric power research institute co., LTD., the laboratory mainly carries out the research of energy-saving distribution transformer testing technology, energy-saving technology of distribution transformer and intelligent distribution platform area technology, and devotes itself to the promotion and application of intelligent, efficient and energy-saving distribution equipment.


What is distribution transformer


“A distribution transformer is a static electrical device that transfers alternating current and voltage according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Rehel JMJ, in our daily life, such as factories, schools, residential and other places can see the column installed or open box installation of distribution transformer, it is the main function of the antihypertensive effect, which converts the alternating current of high voltage, low current into the same frequency of low voltage, large current of electricity, such a power user electric appliance and equipment can be normal use.


As the transmission carrier between the power plant and the power user, in order to transmit the power generated by the power plant to the vast number of users in a more efficient way, the power grid first needs to convert the power into the power of higher voltage level. “When the transmission power is constant, the higher the voltage level is, the higher the efficiency of power transmission is. Liu haitao said.


After that, the power user needs to lower the voltage level through the power transformers at each level, among which the distribution transformer is the last step to lower the voltage level. The distribution transformer is usually installed on the column or in the open box type in the power load center, and the voltage level of power and lighting is reduced from 6 to 10 kilovolts to 380/220 volts for the use of users. Because of the large number of distribution transformers, close to the load of electricity, only to ensure its safe and stable economic operation, to ensure the safety and reliability of our thousands of households.

According to statistics, the total number of distribution transformers connected to the network in China is about 16 million, with a total capacity of about 4.8 billion kva. Due to the large number of distribution transformers in operation, even if the energy saving efficiency of each distribution transformer is slightly improved, then the overall energy saving effect will be considerable.


“In the past, distribution transformers used to be very wasteful, but in order for people to have access to electricity, we have to generate and supply it all the time and watch it go.” Liu haitao frankly, we must overcome the problem of energy-saving distribution transformer.


Breakthrough key technologies201707061434344828


The energy saving technology of distribution transformer is one of the important measures to implement the national energy saving and emission reduction policy. In recent years, the laboratory puts forward energy-saving distribution transformer materials selection, structure design and production technology of the new method, is developed the capacity of distribution transformer, high voltage regulator overload distribution transformer, the adaptive load distribution transformer and other new energy saving distribution transformer, set up key performance evaluation system for distribution transformer comprehensive energy efficiency and energy saving, energy saving distribution transformer is developed full automatic operation reliability and life cycle energy consumption evaluation system, breakthrough based on low voltage load on-line automatic phase unbalanced three-phase load management, harmonic source caused by harmonic pollution control, the key techniques such as the distribution network and made a series of scientific research.


Wang jinli, a professor senior engineer in the laboratory, introduced that the laboratory took the lead in overcoming the key technical problems such as the optimal design of integrated switch of on-load load regulating capacity regulating voltage distribution transformer, reliable arc suppression and adaptive coordinated control, and developed a series of products of on-load load regulating capacity regulating voltage distribution transformer.


“One of the characteristics of distribution transformers is that, as long as the live operation, no load loss will inevitably exist, and the characteristics of the distribution transformer with load adjustment capacity adjustment voltage is that it can be based on the actual load size, automatically adjust the transformer’s operating capacity and voltage adjustment, thereby reducing the transformer’s no load loss. Practice has proved that the annual no-load loss can be reduced by 50% to 60% in areas with low annual average load rate and relatively concentrated power consumption period. “This innovative technology has also won the gold medal at the international exposition of inventions in Geneva and the first prize of science and technology in China’s machinery industry,” wang said.


“In addition, the laboratory has for the first time conquered the key technology of the unified support platform of software and hardware of intelligent distribution terminal in China, and developed 11 series equipment of 4 categories, such as intelligent distribution terminal, power quality control device, and grid-connected controller, which can reduce the cost of equipment by 30-50%.” “Said li erxia, a senior laboratory engineer.


The results of scientific research are encouraging


Laboratory was founded at the beginning of the set the building electrical system of the intelligent with high efficiency and energy saving goal, has always been to serve the capital distribution network energy conservation and loss reduction, promote the healthy development of related industries as the guide, around the distribution transformer detection, distribution transformer energy-saving, intelligent power distribution area three direction, carry out scientific research, support services, standards, testing and other four types of business.


“Since its establishment, the laboratory has won 1 second prize of national science and technology progress award, 2 first prize of provincial and ministerial level, 1 second prize of provincial and ministerial level, 3 third prize of provincial and ministerial level, and 24 awards of industry association. Fifty-one patents for invention have been authorized, 188 patents for invention have been accepted, 14 software Copyrights have been registered, 114 papers have been published, and 6 national standards and 16 industrial standards have been made or revised. Liu haitao said proudly.


And every achievement is inseparable from the hard work of all scientific researchers. Rehel JMJ, said the deepest impression is the team of the year lead half hundred or teeth-which old experts, older pregnant women, in the crucial stage of technology study, the pressure of big it goes without saying that they are at a crucial moment to play “five plus two”, “white and black” style of work, give up the rest time with his family, working overtime, without complaint, one key challenge to overcome the system development process, successfully completed the equipment net before each test task.


The construction of talent team plays a key role in ensuring the leading position of laboratory and improving the independent innovation ability. Since its establishment, the laboratory has carried out a series of innovative measures in talent cultivation to build three scientific research teams with high quality, fine business and strong cohesion. Nearly three years, lab 1 additional allowances of the state council, the state grid co., LTD. Science and technology talents, professional leading experts and talented is 4 people, 28 people, cultivate doctoral graduates to recognize 6 people, the deputy high above titles accounted for 42.8% of the total number, the project director of science and technology age under 40 accounted for more than 70% above.


In the process of development, the laboratory has gathered a group of high-level and high-level technical elites. In terms of system construction and operation management, resource sharing and open communication with other scientific research institutions, enterprises, universities and institutes, the laboratory has demonstrated its innovation ability, core competitiveness and social influence.

Post time: Aug-09-2019
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