The box type transformer is a combinatorial transformer

At present our country some of the electric field distribution, but the store is a kind of high voltage transmission can cause high pressure transmission parts in the process of conveying equipment is damaged, you need to use the transformer to alleviate high pressure load, the box-type transformer is one of the app is larger number of transformer.

Also known as combined transformer, box-type transformer can bring good use value in the high voltage distribution, it is called combined transformer has a reason, it is made of high voltage switch equipment, distribution transformers, low voltage power distribution equipment, at the time of installation according to yo good moisture, rust and fire prevention. Anti-theft function.

Box-type transformers can be used in some urban and rural power stations, some commercial centers, construction sites, port terminals and other places where electricity transmission is required. It has the characteristics of low noise and long service life in the process of use, which is a popular energy saving and environmental protection, low consumption of products.

Post time: Apr-11-2019
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