The letter and number meaning of the transformer logo

On the type, model, function in the transformer now have very big distinction, typically on the transformer logo distinguish all kinds of letters and Numbers, then the transformer logo on the letters and Numbers mean? Simple understanding.

In general, the transformer model consists of the symbol of the number of signals, the way of cooling, the mode of pressure regulating, the winding wire core and so on, and the transformer capacity, rated voltage and winding connection.

Letter symbol:

D, S, J, L, Z, SC, SG, YD, JMB, BK (C), single-phase DDG D, S three-phase, oil-immersed self-cooling J, L said winding for aluminium wire, Z on-load voltage regulating, SC said three-phase epoxy resin casting, SG said three coherent self-cooling type, SG transformer is a pointer.

Product voltage grade:

The input is 380V, 400V, 420V and 440V, and the output is 440V, 220V, 200V, 127V, 110V, 100V, 36V, 24V, etc. YD stands for trial order.

Through the above said the meaning of characters and Numbers, we can know that there are hundreds of models, the transformer can be on the production technology of different products have different requirements, for transformer manufacturers, improve the production technology is the driving force of enterprise development.

Post time: Apr-11-2019
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